Runaway Baby Brother

My new picture book “Runaway Baby Brother” came out this week and I’m so excited for you to see it! After making “Runaway Egg” with Random House I was so thrilled that they wanted to do a second title with me. I still felt there was more story for Chick and his younger brother “Egg.”

At the end of “Runaway Egg“, Chick’s little brother had hatched so it was fun to figure out how to differentiate between the two chicks, an obvious move was to pop Little Brother in a half shell diaper/nappy!

This time round we focused more on the two main characters and their interactions together.


As always, one of my favourite bits of the process was figuring out Chicks many different facial expressions to show his growing annoyance at Little Brother’s presence.

Above are some character paintings from my drawing board, I tend to work much bigger than the final version and shrink down after scanning.

The cover for the book went through many options and the final version was quite far away from where we started. I originally wanted to show more of the farmyard environment however we decided to focus more on the two characters.

Early thumbnails for cover optionsOnce the focus on the two chicks was decided it was finding somewhere on the farm to show them…There was a strong feeling that we needed the cover to look different from it’s prequel “Runaway Egg” so we introduced a night sky. This is a rough pencil coloured up in photoshop so the team could see my plans for the colour palette…
Artwork stage…

Final version!

Runaway Baby Brother is available to buy now, here.

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